Just one thing ...

Maui abounds in beautiful images and colors which I love dearly. But I've decided to do these pages -- overviewdesignhand craftedvisitor centeredSEOopen standards, and blogging -- which I call the insight pages of this site, completely in grayscale, also avoiding images except for some computer generated fractal art as background to focus on the power of text style and layout. The grayscale fractal images demonstrate how changing one element in design can change the whole mood or feel of a page.

And little things...

But just for a second, still using no images, let's allow just a little color and make some small environmental changes to change perspective and alter the mood of the page. The words themselves won't change at all but they come across in a different way.

Try it out!

Like the new style better? If so, keep it. Or, if you don't care for the dark, take it back to the way it was. You can switch back and forth too:

Light Dark

It is fun to see how changes though subtle and small can leave a visitor with impressions as different as night and day. Even if the message itself hasn't changed, the delivery has.

Goes everywhere

Besides style, visitor friendliness and accessibility are important elements of good design. Goes everywhere implies reaching different kinds of people and leaving them with a favorable impression. Goes everywhere means RWD (responsive web design), coming across favorably on different devices, whether PCs or mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Putting simplicity and minimalism to positive use, a tablet user doesn't need to run to a PC to get the full website rather than a watered down mobile version.