If only …

Image for the day:
Alau Island on the way to Hana


If only I were a blogger…
Some people seem born to blog, but I am not one of those people. Otherwise, I’d be having a lot of fun with WordPress!
But there is one thing I can do so as not to be left out. I can help people who do want to blog to get their blogs up and running the way they want them. If interested get in touch.

This is just for fun!
Each day of the month a different Maui picture appears above. So drop by in 24 hours and you’ll see something different. I wanted an effect like this that would appear on this page only. I’m sure there are plenty of WordPress plugins that can achieve this, but I wanted to keep to my principles of simplicity, so I wrote the minimum amount of code necessary for the effect using the Shortcode API WordPress provides. While I was at it I went ahead and created what WordPress calls a child theme, giving myself flexibility in design now and in the future if I decide I want to do more with this.

This also is a way to bring a little handmade touch into WordPress and shows some of the power and flexibility WordPress offers.