Win All Around

In my life I've known occasions where all parties involved came away feeling they were the winners. Hopefully you have also had such experiences. If you have, then we both know how great it feels. This all-around-win is where Alama net Web Design sets its sights. It means you should feel you're a winner, I should feel a winner, and visitors to websites I create should feel they are winners too. To help this happen, I've created this website. More than simply showcase my work I aim to empower.

The insight pages

I call this page and the ones linked to below the insight pages of this website. These insight pages include information I would want to know if I were considering having a website created for me. Look through them at your leisure -- you may find some ideas that are new to you. This is part of getting empowered.

The World Wide Web is still a young phenomenon, constantly evolving and reshaping itself. I'm constantly evolving and reshaping my ideas and style as well, something I think any good web developer should be doing. The World Wide Web is still very new territory, and still a place where no one has the final say! Consequently what you see here tomorrow may be different than what you see now.

The insight page design

Just for fun I decided to give these insight pages their own design, using computer generated fractal art as background, avoiding use of other images and keeping everything in grayscale. Not that I don't love pictures and color -- I do! But sticking to grayscale and avoiding pictures really challenges me to focus on text and layout styles to make a page appealing. These are elements I feel should always be part of good design and so a variety are provided here in plenty.

Explore and enjoy!